Lansing Melbourne Group (LMG), the private developer selected by Town of Garner to develop the site next to the Garner Rec Center, presented their initial design concepts to the community and town council in August.  Over 40 Garner residents attended the August 12th community meeting where LMG presented their intitial concepts for discussion and feedback; much of that feedback was incorporated into their presentation to town council.

Preliminary design concepts show a three story mixed use development facing Main Street, with 5,450 square feet of commercial space on the ground level, 60 upper story residential apartments, and 120-140 parking spaces.  The development will add a tabletop parking deck, accessible from Main Street, and expand the existing parking lot underneath the deck to accomodate shared use between the storefronts, residents, and users of the Rec Center.

The ground level commercial space will be divided into two units.  Several community members advocated for LMG and the town to recruit a locally owned restaurant and/or retail to fill the space.  LMG will use that feedback to outfit the unit(s) for restaurant uses, while working with the town and community to identify potential food vendors for the space.

The 60 residential apartments will be a mixture of studios, 1 and 2 bedroom units, priced to be affordable for Garner’s workforce.  LMG specializes in slightly smaller units at affordable price points that utilize nearby amenities, like the Garner Rec Center.  These units will be highly desirable to young people entering the workforce, couples, and retirees who all want to live in a denser, walkable community.

Public art will be a significant component of the development.  LMG shows several large scale placeholders for temporary mural installations, as well as permanent installations that could use punched metal work to screen the lower parking while still allowing ventilation.  LMG will continue refining the content of their public art strategy with input from the community over the next year.

LMG hopes to break ground on this project by mid 2022.  The time to total buildout is estimated to be 16-18 months.

 LMG Development Concepts Presentation