Reinvestment on

the rise

Since 2009, the Downtown Garner Association has used the Main Street Four Point Approach as a roadmap to the economic revitalization of Garner’s historic business district.   

$19.1 million in public & private investment since 2009

Main Street is economic development within the context of historic preservation.

When we talk about revitalizing Downtown Garner, we’re talking about growing jobs and small business ownership, increasing local investment, and building a solid economic foundation for future growth.

Downtown is attracting creative entrepreneurs, local mom ‘n pop shops, and home grown restaurants like never before.  Business owners and investors alike are drawn to the character-filled historic buildings along Main Street and we’re busting at the seams to find space for more!

In the last 10 years since Garner became a Main Street community, the economic impact of downtown revitalization speaks for itself.  Downtown Garner is on the rise, and this is only the beginning.

$M in New Public Investment

Net New Full Time Jobs

Net New Businesses Opened in downtown

volunteer hours contributed

$M in New Private Investment

Net New Part Time Jobs

existing Businesses Expanded in downtown

$ value of volunteer contributions