“Garner Quilt Queen”

by Wendy Dickerson

© 2021 Wendy Dickerson

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Describe your painting:

She is titled “Garner Quilt Queen”. The quilt queen has created many pieces of Garner and put them together to describe different aspects of Garner. For example: “The White Deer “

What inspired you?

I am known for painting Queens that I have envisioned or made up. I thought it would be a wonderful combination to pair one of my queens with things that are symbolic of Garner

What is your background as an artist?

I studied Fine Arts at North Carolina Central University. In 2018 I started my career as an artist. My favorite medium to use is acrylic paint. I love to paint in vibrant colors. A lot of my queens have their eyes closed because they are meditating, praying, praising, celebrating etc.

Do you have a connection to Garner or did you learn anything new about Garner as a result of your painting?

My husband Rodney works for Garner. Also, I learned that Garner was officially chartered in 1905.