by Selina Akter

© 2021 Selina Akter

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Describe your painting:

My painting is contemporary landscapes with acrylic paint, building up on the surface of the wood panels with layers of paint and medium using a combination of brush strokes, color, lines, and shapes.

My subject matters are found in the natural world that I see from a walk or simply driving by peaceful places and retreats – fields, flowers, rolling hills, forests, railroads, memorial monuments, and clouds. Bodies of work deal with beauty and power in the landscape, and with alternative viewpoints on process and presentation. Color harmony is a core instinct for combinations with lines and patterns. I invite my viewers to further imagine and meet with the beauty and energy of Garner’s natural world and to spread that joy to others.

What inspired you?

Rich history of Garner and natural beauty of Garner.

What is your background as an artist?

I developed a love for art at an early age and have received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Denver, Colorado. Most of my paintings are abstract in nature using mixed media. My works are an attempt to explore my dreams and hopes that I experiences from living in two totally different cultures; native land Bangladesh where I grew up and the western culture where I am now living now. I have participated in several solo and group art exhibitions in Bangladesh, in Denver-Colorado, Monroe-Louisiana and North Carolina and received several awards. In 2018, Masur Museum of Art at Monroe, Louisiana displayed my work in a collaboration show named ‘Common Ground’. I am a member of Durham Art Guild.

Do you have a connection to Garner or did you learn anything new about Garner as a result of your painting?

Art Around Town project gave me the opportunity to learn about Garners rich history and the sacrifice of our Garner veterans for our country.