“Community Garden”

by Mayanthi, Serendib Creative

© 2021 Mayanthi, Serendib Creative

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Describe your painting:

My painting shows different hands holding together the community garden with a variety of flower and plant species coexisting in harmony to create a beautiful ecosystem.

What inspired you?

I believe that community represents different people coming together to create a beautiful ecosystem. We all contribute to our community/ecosystem and everyone has shared responsibility to help it grow. When everyone works together towards that common goal, the result is beautiful.

What is your background as an artist?

I started my artistic career two years ago with photography and videography. Over the years I have grown to find that my favorite mediums are murals, acrylic paintings, and digital illustration, specifically children’s books. You can find my artwork all over the Triangle area (Triangle Beer Co., Moores Square, Element Gastropub, Raleigh Founded, etc.). I can’t wait to continue creating more.

Do you have a connection to Garner or did you learn anything new about Garner as a result of your painting?

Absolutely! I have witnessed how wonderful, connected and supportive the Garner community is and I am so honored to have contributed!