“Lake Benson at Sunset”

by Gabriela Juarez

© 2021 Gabriela Juarez

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Describe your painting:

As the name implies, this painting is a stylized version of Lake Benson at sunset. The tints of pink and blue are gentle and relaxing, meant to instill serenity in the viewer as if they were at the actual lake themselves.

What inspired you?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved coming to the park to visit Lake Benson. The way the frogs croak, crickets chirp and the sun reflects off of the water at sunset is something so simple yet comforting. It’s something that personally means a lot to me and I want the rest of our community to be able to see the natural beauty in our town of Garner.

What is your background as an artist?

My name is Gabriela Juarez and I have been living in Garner my whole life. I recently graduated at Garner High School, but I have been doing art for at least nine years. I tend to do mostly traditional art. I like to stick to paper and pencil, but sometimes digital art, embroidery or painting will strike my fancy. I like to draw lots of cartoon characters, and hope to one day work on an animated series of my own!