Navigating Common Pathways

by Jackie Sanders

© 2021 Jackie Sanders

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Describe your painting:

My panel is a conceptual piece that I used to explore the ever-evolving reality that we are facing as the world “opens back up”. COVID-19 is still very much a real threat to the world, however, in our area as vaccines are becoming more widely available restaurants, public spaces and social gatherings are starting to resume which has me thinking- how has this year plus long “pause” of society affected the way we interact with the common spaces we use to regularly inhabit?

A downtown area in particular, like the one these panels will be placed in, once was the foundation for routine foot traffic, business meetings, festivals, and other social gatherings. But will those “post-pandemic” relationships with these spaces reflect the relationship we had with them before? Or are they forever changed?

Roads, walkways, common areas, etc. How will our interaction with these spaces continue to evolve as we open back up? The layering of these abstracted paths will hopefully feel normal again one day.

But only time will tell.

What inspired you?

See above description. In progress images are available at:

What is your background as an artist?

Transforming life’s mundane moments into memorable experiences, my work explores the constant push and pull, resistance and release of control that each of us face in our day to day lives. Encouraging others to actively choose the future they are creating, my mission is to help others feel more connected to their minds, bodies, and the spaces in which they exist.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I have always been drawn toward geometric shapes and bold colors. On a mission to further explore this attraction and curiosity, I studied at Virginia Tech where I earned my BA in Studio Art, B.F.A in Art History and M.F.A in Material Culture and Public Humanities. My current studio is based in Artspace in downtown Raleigh.

Do you have a connection to Garner or did you learn anything new about Garner as a result of your painting?

I use to live in Garner just 5 minutes away from downtown. I loved to explore the town and find the local gems that Garner has to offer. I look forward to the exciting projects ahead and for the new life that is being brought to the downtown area!