Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision for Downtown

Historic Downtown Garner connects our small town roots with our future as a growing crossroads of cultural arts, recreation, and creative entrepreneurship in the community.

Through private development, public investment, and historic preservation, we’re expanding our downtown to become the destination for local flavor and flair in Garner.

Our Mission

To lead the efforts that foster and support the development of North Garner as a vibrant business, residential, entertainment and cultural center through appropriate revitalization, redevelopment or preservation activities in partnership with government and private organizations which result in the enhancement of the image and vitality of this area.

Our Public-Private Partnership

Downtown revitalization is undertaken through a public-private partnership between the Garner Revitalization Association and the Town of Garner.  For more information, please contact Mari Howe, Downtown Development Manager, at (919) 772-4402.