Sports & Recreation

Garner is a hub of sports & recreation

Sports and recreation has always been at the heart of our community. Garner Baseball Inc. has provided multiple generations of families with the baseball park as a hometown favorite in sports and festivities. The Polar Ice House also hugely compliments the active lifestyle of many residents offering skating, hockey and accommodations for groups and parties. The most recent addition of the Garner Dog Park is just another way we show how Garner is a great place to play!

Plan of Action: Sports & Recreation

Our Goal: Use current sports facilities and the new recreation center to attract private redevelopment to downtown.

Objective: Help create a Request for Proposals that can be used to guide what’s being developed in downtown.

Skills Needed:

  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Development
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Strategic Planning
  • Connections to Sports Facilities
  • Transit/Pedestrian Planning
  • Public/Private Partnering
  • Market Analysis
  • Network Building

Big Picture Initiatives

Network with Commercial Development Community

Sports & Rec marketing campaign to highlight what’s in downtown now and what’s coming soon.

Plan Pedestrian Wayfinding Signs

Join in Town’s Comprehensive Planning process

Update 2009 Downtown Market Demand Study

Study strategies for transferring publicly owned land for private redevelopment.

Stakeholders & Assets:

Town of Garner Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources | Garner Baseball, Inc., Polar Ice House, Garner Recreation & Dog Park | Avery St. Recreation Center | Garner Senior Center | Rex Foundation | Active Living by Design